Sesderma, new location for the work of Ernesto Knorr

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“Butterfly tree” is the title of the sculpture that Ernesto Knorr has presented at the Sesderma Laboratories

The new work of the popular Basque sculptor Ernesto Knorr was inaugurated by Dr Gabriel Serrano, dermatologist and founder of the laboratories, on Thursday 15th October at the headquarters of Sesderma in Puzol, Valencia. This new work by Ernesto Knorr, made of lacquered stainless steel and decorated with different-coloured butterflies which symbolise the countries where the company is present, is three metres tall and is the first big-format work of the artist in Valencia.

The evolution of the company has a special connection to Nature, a connection that is reflected by its logo: the butterfly. Dr Gabriel Serrano is very fond of butterflies, and these have a special meaning for Sesderma. Butterflies travel big distances and cross oceans, just like Dr Serrano did when he left his native Colombia and moved to Valencia, which resulted in the creation of the labs.

Butterflies also symbolise change, beauty, sensitivity, and transformation, qualities which are present in the Sesderma products. This company, just like butterflies when leaving their cocoon, has been built with great effort and the will to overcome all obstacles.

The work of Ernesto Knorr, a sculptor with a wide professional career, forms part of important public and private collections, with special emphasis on his open-space sculptures. His works are characterised by clean forms and lines.