Sesderma looks after the youngest with the new LACTYFERRIN Kids

The new hygiene gel that cleanses and looks after the children’s skin

This year’s return to school will be unlike any that has come before. The mandatory use of masks, the adaptation of the classrooms to keep social distancing, and the availability of hydroalcoholic gel in them are measures taken to enhance safety, but many teachers and parents consider they are not enough to guarantee a safe return to school.

That’s why Sesderma, Spanish reference lab in the manufacturing and development of dermatological products, has created LACTYFERRIN Kids. This new hand hygiene gel allows to keep children’s hands clean, in addition to looking after their skin and moisturising them without causing dryness or irritation.


The different health organisms recommend frequent hand washing using soap and water and, whenever this is not possible, to use specific gels. These sanitising gels, the so-called hydroalcoholic gels, are solutions with a 60 to 85% alcohol content, and can be very aggressive to the skin.

In fact, Dr Gabriel Serrano, dermatologist and founder of the labs, warns about the consequences of abuse and too-frequent use of gels with a high alcohol content in children: “An excessive use of hydroalcoholic gel can alter the skin barrier, thus causing dryness, dehydration, and even irritant contact dermatitis, or aggravate cases of atopic dermatitis. Alcohol can dehydrate the skin, so the application of these type of formulas that don’t have any emollient or moistening active ingredients can end up affecting the epidermis. Not only that, but their continued use can disrupt the skin, the first defensive barrier of the body, and its protective layers (acid mantle, water-lipid mantle, good bacteria, etc.).”

The innovative gel formula of LACTYFERRIN Kids delivers a silky touch and extra hydration to the children’s skin, and thanks to its low alcohol concentration, it can be used as often as necessary without causing dryness or irritation. Likewise, it maintains the skin’s lipid mantle in perfect condition, protecting and looking after the natural barrier.

Moreover, in the case of nursery schools or crèches, and of special education centres for disabled pupils, the protocol designed by the Departments of Education and Health recommends avoiding the use of hydroalcoholic gels as a precaution, given that children often put their hands in their mouth and that this product has a high alcohol percentage.*

We recommend that they wash their hands and then apply LACTYFERRIN Kids, our hand hygiene gel with lactoferrin that delivers advanced cleansing and maximum skin care.

* Ministry of Education and Professional Training. Government of Spain. PREVENTION, HYGIENE AND HEALTH PROMOTION MEASURES FOR COVID-19 IN EDUCATION CENTRES FOR THE SCHOOL YEAR 2020-2021. Page 17.