SESDERMA Laboratories presents its innovative line of intimate peels at IMCAS 2023

The company will present the latest launches of its Sesderma and Mediderma brands in what is considered the most relevant gathering of international dermatology and aesthetic medicine in Europe

  • MEDIDERMA, a division of the leading laboratory in treatments for professional use, will present LACTYFERRIN Intimate Peel, the pioneering line of peels for the intimate area thanks to its innovative formula with the safest and most effective active ingredients.
  • Within the framework of this important event for the dermatology and aesthetic medicine sector, Dr. Gabriel Serrano, dermatologist and founder of SESDERMA Laboratories, will deliver two important symposia: one dealing with our new peels and the other addressing advances in micropuncture.
  • Already a leader with its C-VIT line, SESDERMA will enhance its latest launches such as the C-VIT 5 vitamins Serum, the first anti-aging serum with 5 types of stabilized and liposomal vitamin C.
  • IMCAS brings together more than 12,000 participants, 320 industry exhibitors and 700 speakers for three days at the Palais des Congrès in Paris.

SESDERMA Laboratories – IMCAS PARIS World Congress 2023

  • Address: Palais des Congrès de Paris, 2 Pl. de la Prte Maillot – París
  • Stand 145
  • Dates: January 26th, 27th and 28th
  • Contact: Sofia Vidal – +34 600 059 612

SESDERMA Laboratories will once again be present at one of the main events in the international dermatology and aesthetic medicine sector, specifically at IMCAS PARIS World Congress 2022, which will be held on January 26, 27 and 28 at the Palais des Congresses in the city of Seine. Sesderma will be present at stand 145 and will have all the novelties, both from Sesderma and Mediderma lines.

More than 12,000 professionals from dermatology, aesthetic medicine and related professions are expected to attend. They will have the opportunity to explore novelties in the field and learn about the latest trends in the sector.

MEDIDERMA will present a new line of peels for the genital area, pioneers for their effectiveness and maximum safety in treatment, thanks to the selective combination of active ingredients and concentrations specifically selected for this intimate area. Gynecoesthetics is experiencing an important boom and evolution in techniques and solutions for these problems that can sometimes affect life as a couple, confidence, self-esteem and quality of life.

This new line was born in response to this demand, which is why the laboratories also organized the first course in Valencia on regenerative and functional gynecoesthetics. A pioneering training activity in Spain, which brought together the most outstanding international experts last July 2022.

In addition, SESDERMA will continue to enhance its latest launches, such as its innovative liposomal C-VIT 5 Vitamins Serum, the first anti-aging serum on the market to combine 5 types of stabilized and liposomal vitamin C. It is designed to awaken and enhance all the luminosity of the skin and includes other powerful anti-aging active ingredients such as the immediate tightening complex, hyaluronic acid, proteoglycans and Centella Asiatica. In addition, the brand will present other revolutionary proposals that it has developed in the last year, such as the SESMAHAL line.

At the congress, Dr. Gabriel Serrano, dermatologist, founder and president of SESDERMA Laboratories, together with Dr. Eva Álvarez, Medical Advisor of the laboratory, will deliver two important symposia:

  • Thursday 26.01. NEW CHEMICAL PEELS

13:30h – 15:30h // Room 252 AB – 2nd Floor


10:30h – 12:30h // Room 351 – 3rd Floor

SESDERMA Group is a leading Spanish dermatological laboratory with presence in more than 80 markets and more than 30 years of experience. Founded by Dr. Gabriel Serrano, a pioneering dermatologist in the development of nanotechnology, it focuses its effort and dedication on the research, development, formulation and manufacture of dermocosmetic products advanced, nanonutraceuticals and cosmetics for medical-aesthetic use thanks to its great specialization in R+D+i. The group currently has the Sesderma and Mediderma, brands, as well as the manufacturing division for third-party Dermopartners. Its motto, Listening to your skin, defines the essence of a laboratory that takes care of the health and beauty of the skin. Sesderma means dermatological innovation at the service of skin well-being.