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Sesderma will showcase, on Friday 21 September 2018, the opening of our new facilities. The event will be attended by many people from the world of business, finance, culture and the performing arts.The event will be hosted by Dr Gabriel Serrano and his sons, with as special guest, singer Isabel Pantoja.

The new headquarters will bring us the opportunity to have all our facilities under the same roof and maintain the process of growth, while keeping our continued commitment with R&D+i.

Sesderma is present in 80 countries and it foresees to expand to five more in the next year, just on time for its 30th anniversary of its foundation by Doctor Gabriel Serrano, dermatologist and president of the laboratory.

The interiors

The facade is designed as a perforated skin. The concept of skin, together with innovation and technology, the characteristics of Sesderma, have been the basis for its interior decoration.
Glazing is one of the main materials, to enable as much natural light as possible to enter the building and give an image of transparency to the whole.
One of the elements is the staircase in the shape of DNA cells, a symbol of Sesderma’s research endeavours, mainly focused on nanotechnology.

The working areas reflect the daily Mediterranean culture. Located in a privileged setting among orchards and orange groves, amidst the Mediterranean sea breeze, this is the perfect combination for our new headquarters.

The numbers

  • Total space: 18.356 m2
  • Warehouses: 2.114 m2
  • Production site: 769 m2
  • Offices 3.236 m2
  • Laboratory: 398 m2
  • Usable space: 10.046 m2

Special rooms

  • White rooms
  • Weighing rooms
  • Manufacturing rooms
  • Bottling and packaging rooms
  • Warehouse of controlled temperature for raw material
  • Auditorium
  • Working spaces with a relaxed atmosphere
  • Treatment rooms connected to the auditorium to broadcast training in streaming

Advanced systems

Lean Manufacturing is a philosophy based on a variety of techniques with the aim to improve the company’s productivity, backed by a set of tools that:

  • Help getting rid of any operations which do not add value to the product, service and processes
  • Increase the value of every activity, eliminating what is not required
  • Reduce waste and improve operations
  • Obtaining tangible improvements, quantifiable and significant of competitiveness.

This working methodology takes into account all the actors within the productive process. It collects information about their daily input, and these data are directed to the Operations Management. Thus, we obtain a whole picture of the whole process.
MESbook system : is a programme that collects production machinery data in real time. With these data, with these indicators, reports are generated that permit to analyse the global operation of the production site, and enable decision making linked to this productive process. This system is part of industrial revolution4.0 and is still uncommon in the sector.
They are the most advanced reactors in the industry.


Sesderma supports the respect for the environment and therefore, uses production processes that respect the surroundings, such as the cleaning system CIP (Cleaning In Place) for cleaning the reactors, thus assuring compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice.


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