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The first units will arrive at the company plant in Puzol and will be sent to the health centres.

The dermatological laboratory Sesderma just announced the donation of “100 000 N-95- type masks, recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in cases of infection by coronavirus, to hospitals in Madrid and Valencia”. The president and founder of the Valencian laboratory, doctor Gabriel Serrano, informed directives and professionals of the company after telephone calls with their subsidiary in India, from where the masks will be sent next week.

Half of the hundred thousand masks will be donated to hospitals in Valencia, where the company headquarters is located, and the remaining 50 000 will be sent to hospitals in Madrid, the most affected Spanish region by Covid-19.

The dermatologist and president of the lab took this decision after donating a hundred thousand masks in January to the city of Wuhan, the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak, a few days after the spread of the virus became known. This decision is based on “Sesderma’s concern by the shortage doctors and health professionals are experiencing”, states doctor Serrano.Masks for the population

Masks for the population

Besides the N-95 model, the company will also donate simpler masks to the general population and expects to collaborate with entrepreneur Kike Sarasola, with whom the company has direct contact, to develop diagnosis kits for his hotels. “Sesderma wishes to keep involved in the fight against coronavirus and with the Spanish medical healthcare system”, explains Dr. Serrano.

The first masks are expected to arrive next Thursday, March 19th to the lab headquarters in Puzol, which are already present in more than 80 countries.