In Sesderma they are dermatologists and have been listening to the skin for 30 years. And since they know the importance of keeping it healthy, they propose an interesting initiative; declare Thursdays as “The Skin Day”.

 The skin is the largest organ in the body, it protects our entire organism and isolates it from the environment around us. But it is also the main sensory organ and communication with our body. Through it, the body receives all the stimuli that touch generates us and through it, our body reveals dysfunctions and emotions: we get granites if our food is not balanced, we get red if something embarrasses us, we drop the hair in times of stress and there are emotions that give us the “goosebumps” …

And despite everything, we don’t give the skin the importance we attach to other organs. We forget that it requires care. Even most of us do not even know if our skin is dry, mixed or oily and that is why it is so difficult for us to choose a cream. But we all want to keep our skin healthy, which looks bright and stays young and full of life.

Therefore, Sesderma declares on Thursdays “Skin Day”. One day a week dedicated to remind us of the importance of taking care of our skin at any age, to be healthy and stay young and with quality of life.

From today and every Thursday, Sesderma will remind us that our skin requires a little attention to know and learn to care for it. It will teach us to know it, will give us advice and will propose daily care routines for all skin types, and for both healthy and damaged skin.

Every Thursday will be dedicated to a specific concern and both in their social networks and on their website we will find information, support, recommendations and even specific offers linked to the “theme of the day”. For example, there will be a day of dry skin, and Sesderma will help us identify it, give us the advice to keep it healthy and propose the best care for that type of skin. They will also devote a day to oily skin, the fight against wrinkles, or the specific care of atopic skin. All this under the hastag #skinday.

Today Thursday, Sesderma premieres on Thursday #skinday talking about bioretinoids. Active ingredients of natural origin with an effect similar to retinol, which have great anti-aging power, without the inconveniences of retinoids. And on its website, you can find only today, a pack of Sesretinal anti-aging products, based on bioretinoids at an unrepeatable price.

Pay attention to social networks and sign up for #skinday!