Sesderma celebrated the opening of their first store in Madrid and the international launch of their line Dr Serrano

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Laboratories SESDERMA organised “El Vuelo de la Mariposa” (“The Flight of the Butterfly”) in Madrid, an event in style to celebrate the beginning of summer.

The Flight of the Butterfly, the essence of the Sesderma brand, inspired the event organised by SESDERMA Laboratories to welcome summer and to celebrate two major milestones in their long career. The first is the international launch of their innovative high-end cosmetic line Dr Serrano, now also available outside the Spanish borders. The second is the recent opening of the first Sesderma store in the quarter of Salamanca, in Madrid, a luxury showcase for their wide range of skincare products.

This summer celebration was attended by famous artists and celebrities, such as Gloria Camila, Rocío Flores, Rosa Benito, Sonsoles Ónega, Jaydy Michel, Marta Robles con su marido, Luis Martín de Bustamante, Cari Lapique, Beatriz de Orleans, Isabel Rábago, Mar Torres, Margarita de Guzmán, Cristina Cifuentes, Bernd Schuster y Liz Emiliano, Cristina Tárrega y su esposo, Mami Toledo, Patricia Cerezo, Kiko Gámez, Carolina Alcázar, Ángel Martín, Alex Teixido and Bruna Manzoni, among many others.

This event, where glamour and art shone in their own light, also featured performances by acclaimed international artists, who entertained the over 200 guests who gathered at Ginkgo Sky Bar, located in the central Plaza de España of the Spanish capital. These artists included the singer Marta Sánchez, the internationally acclaimed Argentinian soprano Virginia Tola, the unmistakable DJ Nadia Buolif and the multidisciplinary artist Ángel Haro. The ONGD Kassumay, whose aim is to promote and develop the economic, social, and employment training and inclusion of people in Senegal, also collaborated with this event, which celebrated that the universe of SESDERMA Laboratories and their brands Sesderma and Mediderma continue to grow and innovate in order to offer the best solutions for every skin type.

In words of Dr Serrano, founder and president of SESDERMA: “butterflies have a special meaning for SESDERMA, this is why this event was inspired by them. Throughout their life, they travel long distances, just like our products, which are present in over 80 countries worldwide. In addition, butterflies symbolise change, beauty, sensitivity, and transformation, intrinsic qualities in our company”.

The chosen location for this sophisticated event was Ginkgo Sky Bar, one of the best rooftop terraces in Madrid, which offers a breathtaking view of the city. This choice symbolises the relentless aspirations of the brand, already trusted by millions of people around the world. Its idyllic atmosphere invited all the attendees to share a fantastic evening with the team of SESDERMA Laboratories.