Needle-free mesotherapy, dermo-cosmetics to the rescue for youthful skin

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Needle-free mesotherapy, dermo-cosmetics to the rescue for youthful skin.

  • The new MESOSES line from Sesderma Laboratories includes the most powerful revitalizing and anti-aging cosmetic cocktail against facial fatigue without the need to resort to treatments with needles or magnetic waves.
  • Thanks to Nanotech technology, the active ingredients of MESOSES reach the deepest layers of the epidermis to restore its freshness and luminosity.

The New Year encourages us to look back to the things we have done over the last 12 months, “I have achieved professional challenges”, “I have launched new projects”, “I have dedicated time to the people around me to be well”… A long list of fulfilled purposes in which very often we ourselves do not appear or, at least, not in the first positions. But the time has come to be taken care of, to find moments for yourself and thus be able to recover the confidence that will make this new year 2023 even better.

What is most important to take this step is to find the best ally that makes fatigue disappear from your face and provides all the vitality you need. Sesderma Laboratories, thanks to its pioneering nanotech technology developed over the last few years, has made taking care of yourself much simpler and more pleasant, bringing together all the benefits of mesotherapy, but without the need to resort to annoying needles or magnetic waves, in an exclusive facial routine: MESOSES. A line specifically designed to combat the signs of skin aging, such as lack of luminosity, the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines, lack of skin hydration, fatigue and the loss of volume and firmness.

Because, as years go by, not paying enough attention to oneself, skin undergoes changes. That is why it is essential to have an adequate and effective routine that manages to restore the vitality to your face. SESDERMA’s MESOSES line consists of four products made “with the most powerful revitalizing and anti-aging cosmetic cocktail against fatigue known to date,” says Dr. Serrano, dermatologist and founder of SESDERMA.

This dermo-cosmetic line has been elaborated with four main active ingredients: Amino acids for improving elasticity, the increase of hydration and as a source of energy for cells. Vitamins, with a firming and antioxidant effect, as a source of luminosity, as well as slowing down skin aging and suitable for reducing dryness. Hyaluronic acid, which manages to restore the skin barrier, moisturize and rejuvenate. And finally, the Edelweiss flower, with great antioxidant benefits and skin tightening effect of areas such as the neck or crow’s feet.


All these benefits are found in the products of the MESOSES range, designed in such a way that, through a simple daily routine, extraordinary results are achieved. Within this, they highlight the Supreme Anti-aging Cream, with a very nutritious texture, the Supreme Anti-aging Serum, suitable for all skin types and with great hydration.

Contribution of natural components of the skin to achieve a younger appearance and with fewer signs of aging.

Powerful cocktail of active ingredients that mimics the benefits of mesotherapy:

✓ Adds luminosity

✓ Revitalizes the skin

✓ Hydration

✓ Tensor effect


Two products that will make the skin look full of vitality, as well as healthy and smooth, thanks to the abundant cocktail of liposomal amino acids it has.

In this sense, a study conducted to consumers on this line ensures that 74% of them consider having their skin more hydrated and luminous after using the MESOSES line. A whole dermocosmetic experience, in which SESDERMA has managed to transfer the great benefits of mesotherapy to homes, in a simple and comfortable way, so that taking care of yourself is a great pleasure.

About Laboratorios SESDERMA

Laboratorios SESDERMA is a prestigious Spanish dermatological company, with more than 30 years of experience. Founded by dermatologist Dr. Gabriel Serrano, it focuses its effort and dedication on the research, development and manufacture of dermocosmetic and nano-nutraceutical products, with a specialization in R+D+i and nanotechnology. Currently, products of Laboratorios SESDERMA and its brands are distributed by pharmacies and parapharmacies, dermatologists, aesthetic doctors and gynecologists, reaching more than 80 countries. Its motto, “Listening to your skin”, defines the essence of a laboratory that genuinely cares for the health and beauty of the skin.