Melases TRX: tratamiento para melasma

Melases TRX: Treatment for Melasma

Talking about Melases TRX means talking about melasma, a common issue especially among women. Melasma are blemishes caused by the increase of melanin production, mainly hormone-caused or due to UV radiation on specific areas such as the cheeks, lips or chin.

The cause of its onset is not always clear, but we can mention several factors such as sun exposure, use of contraceptives, hormonal causes especially after pregnancy, and genetic predisposition.

What does melasma look like?

You can tell it apart from all other blemishes because it changes colour progressively. It is often mistaken with lentigo, but the difference is that melasma is darker yet translucent, with irregular edges, and tends to be larger.

The areas of greater incidence are the face, cheeks, forehead, chin and upper lip.

Although melasma is a condition that does not impair a person’s life quality, on occasion it can affect self-esteem. Skin blemishes, especially on the face, are a tough battle and, just like wrinkles, they make us look aged.

The recurring question is: is there a treatment against melasma, that will get rid of blemishes? Sesderma presents you with several solutions to reduce blemishes and prevent their appearance.

Melases TRX is the star. This melasma treatment’s new formula is capable of reducing hyperpigmentation caused by melasma, which combines powerful depigmenting active ingredients with moisturising active ingredients. The perfect partnership.

This treatment against melasma is a depigmenting gel with intensive and focalised-action to help reduce the accumulation of dark pigment.

Thanks to active ingredients like azelaic acid, 4-butyl-resorcinol and a high concentration of tranexamic acid working jointly with withania somnifera and pinus pinaster, it reduces, prevents and slows down the appearance of dark blemishes. In addition, its moisturising power enhances the skin’s barrier function. Among its benefits are:

  • Intensive and focal action
  • Pigmentation decrease
  • Prevention of skin blemishes
  • Regulation of microcirculation
  • Enhanced skin barrier function
  • Light texture
  • High tolerance

Although Melases TRX is very effective as a treatment against melasma, the best way to prevent its onset is to consider lifestyle habits like:

  • Using sunscreen on a daily basis. Whether you prefer protection with a touch of colour, with transparent or a matte finish, Repaskin has the right sunscreen for you. Besides protecting your skin, it also repairs damage caused by sun exposure thanks to its exclusive Shield System technology, which contains zinc fingers and repairing enzymes encapsulated in liposomes for a deeper penetration in the skin. We give it an A+!
  • Make a hat and sunglasses be part of your look.
  • If you’re using oral contraceptives, stopping their use may improve melasma (see your doctor before making this decision!)
  • Paying special attention if you’re taking any photosensitive medicines, such as those for treating acne, antihistamines, anti-depressants, diuretics, antifungal or anti-cellulite, among others.

If you follow these tips and use Melases TRX as melasma treatment, you’ll soon notice an improvement. But beware! the causes of melasma are varied and each case is different.  Therefore, it is crucial to be constant in your daily routine if you want to say goodbye to your spots.

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