Dr. Serrano featured on the cover of World’s Leaders Magazine

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World’s Leaders Magazine recognizes Dr. Serrano for his contributions to the beauty industry with the Most Inspiring Leaders Disrupting Beauty Industry, 2023, and dedicates its cover and feature article to him in its latest issue.

The magazine highlights Dr. Serrano’s continuous innovation as a key driver and his strong commitment to research to develop effective products and treatments for clients and patients.

When Dr. Serrano began his professional career, over 40 years ago, the field of dermo-cosmetics was virtually non-existent. However, recognizing the need to develop products to treat his patients’ specific skin conditions, he was actively involved in developing procedures for doctors to incorporate into their practices.

Now, we have products that are easy to use, safe, effective and with innovative active ingredients. In addition, we see the application of cutting-edge technology such as nanotechnology, which revolutionized the dermatological industry, and significant advances in other areas such as phototherapy or exosomes.

Dr. Serrano has achieved significant milestones, including pioneering nanotechnology in dermocosmetics, internationalizing the company, establishing a modern production site in Valencia, Spain creating the Sesderma-Bali Foundation, launching the Dr. Serrano’s brand and Sesderma Skin Centers worldwide, and committing to gyneco-aesthetics. Sesderma’s future involves further international expansion and leadership in its markets.


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