Dr. Serrano interviewed by La Razón

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The condition and appearance of our skin is key to our well-being and health. If we want to flaunt healthy skin for many years it is essential to take care of it daily with the right active ingredients and products. We review some of the keys to maintaining healthy skin and fighting premature aging with Dr. Gabriel Serrano, dermatologist and founder of Sesderma Laboratories.

Dr. Serrano
Which factors influence healthy skin?

There are many internal and external factors that affect the condition of the skin. Firstly, endogenous factors, such as genetics and natural aging of the skin. External factors are determined by the surrounding environment, our overall health, and the lifestyle we choose. For example, following a balanced diet, managing stress, respecting sleep hours or moving away from certain harmful habits (smoking, excessive sun exposure…) can help us delay the process of biological aging and prevent dermatological problems.

Which active ingredients are essential in skin care?

Retinol is the gold standard of skin treatments, as it serves to treat acne, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and other skin alterations caused by aging. At Sesderma, we have been researching retinoids, their action mechanism, and benefits for more than 30 years. Our main differential advantage is that we encapsulate different types of retinoids in liposomes, protecting the ingredients from degradation and increasing their tolerance. In this way, we avoid adverse reactions such as irritation or redness.

Vitamin C is also another of the most used active ingredients in cosmetics for its antioxidant power, since it neutralizes the action of free radicals that damage our skin. At Sesderma, the products of the C-VIT line include a stable form of vitamin C for maximum effectiveness and tolerance. In fact, we recently launched C-VIT 5 Liposomal Serum, the first anti-aging product with 5 types of stabilized and liposomal vitamin C, which is already a top seller worldwide.

You have just launched RETISIL, a new line with HP Retinoate. What does this retinoid provide?

Hydroxypinacolone retinoate, also called HP Retinoate, is an ester of retinoic acid, an innovative new-generation retinoid. RETISIL is the most powerful and complete new line by Sesderma, developed for the care of all signs of aging thanks to its innovative active ingredients such as the aforementioned HP Retinoate and organic silicon, which promotes the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

In addition, its formula is enriched with hyaluronic acid, peptides, and vitamin E, among others. This synergy of active ingredients combines with the use of Sesderma’s NANOTECH technology, which is able to encapsulate the ingredients in liposomes, thus conferring greater stability and tolerance to the active ingredients. This results in superior effectiveness and benefits, as it reaches the deepest layers of the skin.

You were a pioneer in the use of nanotechnology in dermocosmetics. What advantages does this have?

In 2008 we managed to increase the effectiveness and penetration of formulas by incorporating NANOTECH, our most advanced smart sphere technology, based on last generation encapsulation methods. These encapsulated active ingredients are transported through nano-sized liposomes, wherein the aqueous volume is surrounded by a lipid bilayer of biodegradable and biocompatible phospholipids.

The benefits of active ingredient encapsulation in liposomes are many, achieving unique penetration and efficacy levels. The tolerance of these liposomes is excellent, since they act without altering the skin due to the fact that they are analogous to the cell membrane. In addition, they enable the gradual release of active ingredients, delivering instant and long-term benefits.

Dr. Serrano

“We develop solutions with exosomes to improve and rejuvenate the skin”

Where is research related to skin aging heading?

One of the issues that most worries my patients and people in general is the fight against the passage of time and aging, what will happen to our physical appearance and our health when we are older.

Currently, we continue to work with topical agents, such as the various forms of retinol, peptides, dermal fillers or botox-like ingredients, plus all microneedling devices, radiofrequency, and similar treatments in order to embrace the passage of time instead of fighting it. That is the essence of the pro-aging concept, a change of perspective that is gaining relevance in skin care and that promotes naturalness, first and foremost.

In addition to the above, we are researching and developing solutions with exosomes. These act as messengers and are responsible for intracellular communication, which means they send information to damaged cells so that they can function better, regenerating and rejuvenating the skin. In fact, they are already being used in combination with microneedling treatments from Mediderma, our division for professional products and medical-aesthetic use. Soon we will also incorporate exosomes in the formulation of dermo-cosmetic products of Sesderma.

Thanks to the treatments you perform in your clinics and skin centers, you offer a comprehensive and personalized treatment to your patients. Which is the key to this success?

Constant innovation is the key to success. The clinic and skin center projects started in Valencia, when I opened my first dermatology clinic in the late 70s. Later, I expanded the portfolio with Sesderma Skin Center in Valencia, Madrid, and soon in Barcelona. In the rest of the world, we already have clinics and skin centers in Dubai, Bogota and Bayahibe, and I hope to incorporate new strategic points over the next year.

In particular, the Bayahibe clinic is different from the rest since it is a polyclinic with specialties that go beyond dermatology, such as cardiology, pediatrics, gynecology, and general medicine, among others. The raison d’être for this clinic is to also provide support to the foundation that bears my name and whose objective is to contribute to the health and well-being of destitute persons in the Dominican Republic.