Dr. Gabriel Serrano President of World Vitiligo Day 2024

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World Vitiligo Day 2024

As we celebrate the announcement of Dr. Gabriel Serrano as the President of World Vitiligo Day 2024, it’s a privilege to delve into the life and work of this distinguished figure in dermatology. 

Dr. Serrano offers an inspiring story

Dr. Serrano, a name that has become synonymous with innovation and compassionate care in the medical community, bagan his journey in Bucaramanga, Colombia, amidst a family deeply entrenched in the medical profession. This early immersion in a healthcare environment sparked a passion that would define his four-decade-long career.

At the helm of Sesderma Laboratories, Dr. Serrano has been a pioneer, especially in integrating nanotechnology into skincare. This groundbreaking approach, working at an incredibly small scale, has greatly enhanced the effectiveness of skin treatments, propelling Sesderma to global recognition across over 85 countries. But Dr. Serrano’s accomplishments extend beyond his professional realm. His life is a rich tapestry interwoven with the love and joy of his family. A doting husband and father to six children, his familial bonds deeply influence his empathetic approach to medicine, where patient care is paramount.

Dr. Serrano's impact worldwide

Dr. Serrano’s impact on dermatology stretches worldwide. Having authored over 400 scientific papers and garnered numerous accolades, he’s a revered thought leader in the field. His new role as the President of World Vitiligo Day 2024 underscores his commitment to raising awareness and understanding of skin conditions on a global scale.

Dr. Serrano’s story is one of a visionary who has seamlessly blended scientific innovation with a deep-rooted commitment to improving lives. His legacy, grounded in the cornerstones of family, innovation, and compassion, continues to inspire and shape the landscape of dermatology and skincare around the globe. As we look forward to his leadership in World Vitiligo Day 2024, we also celebrate the profound impact he has made in the medical world and in the lives of those he has touched.