« It used to be that the big fish ate the little fish. Now it’s the fastest fish that wins»

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« After all the crises I have experienced in the 33 years of the company, the pandemic crisis was different for me»

The founder of Sesderma and Mediderma laboratories, Gabriel Serrano, is a doctor in Dermatology and Venereology from the University of Valencia and has been medical director of the Clínica Dermatológica Doctor Gabriel Serrano since 1976. He graduated from the University of Valencia and was head of the Dermatology Department of the General University Hospital of Valencia for more than 25 years. The current member of the Illustrious Ramón y Cajal Academy of Health Sciences and of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology explained to LA RAZÓN how his company had to face what he describes as “one of the hardest blows he has experienced” as a result of the pandemic, but it helped him to deepen his research and find new solutions for the sector of his speciality. The effort paid off with the lactoferrin line, which has given him a great deal of satisfaction due to the excellent reception it has received.

– How did Sesderma experience the crisis brought on by the pandemic?

Almost all points of sale were closed, including pharmacies and parapharmacies in shopping centres, and we experienced a significant drop in sales. In addition, our traditional products were aimed at clinics that could not open. After all the crises I have experienced in the 33 years of the company, this one was different for me.

– How did the company adapt to the new situation?

We had to juggle to overcome the situation, and we invested in products that could reach large supermarkets and supermarkets in the pandemic, such as sanitising gel, democratising prices to reach everyone.

Online sales increased, but Spanish consumers like to try products in person, in shops. So it was the international subsidiaries that made up the losses in Spain. Meanwhile, there was a corporate restructuring here, with new managers and new hires; it was necessary. So, in 2020 we exceeded the revenues of the year 2019, and then the same thing happened the following year. Before, the big fish ate the small fish. Now, it’s the fast fish that wins.

– On a personal level, what did this crisis mean for you, and what are your reflections on it?

Looking back, I regret the lack of sensitivity during this period. We got used to seeing death tolls like goals in a football match. Many funerals could not take place, there was no consolation for the deceased or for the relatives.

However, the usual people stepped up: the doctors. I remember when we gave hundreds of thousands of masks to hospitals all over Spain, and I also remember the happy faces of the staff… They had no material in the midst of all the health chaos.

The hospitals were blocked and now they are still saturated, but the doctors accept the work even though it is extremely risky. They are in a vulnerable situation, they can encounter a lot of inconveniences.

– Did your company experience anything good from this year and a half of pandemic? Was it worth reinventing itself?

The cutting-edge research line focusing on lactoferrin started at the beginning of the pandemic. It is a protein found in breastmilk that generates an improvement in the immune system and has proven to be a global success. It has proven effective in Russia, Mexico, Brazil, and is now being studied in a large hospital in Miami.

Unfortunately, here it has been mistaken for a drug and misunderstood. We present it as a dietary supplement, not a drug. When you increase your defences, you resist respiratory, viral and bacterial infections better, but it also has implications for ageing, neuronal degenerative disorders, and a multitude of metabolic processes such as diabetes. Not only against Covid-19.

– So what is your assessment of this traumatic episode for society as a whole?

This virus kills, but so does hunger. Unemployment kills and emotional imbalance kills. Many things could have been done better in the midst of the pandemic crisis. I have seen selfishness, but also laziness and above all lack of solidarity. I thought there would be a massive mobilisation to overcome the situation as happened after the Second World War, but what happened was that everyone went their own way. I hope that people will come to their senses, think about it and do something to change things.

We must all show solidarity with the most vulnerable people in our society, and in particular, have greater respect for our elderly, who have allowed us the current situation of well-being that we have enjoyed in recent years.

Complete interview in this link: «Antes el pez grande se comía al chico. Ahora el pez más rápido es el que gana» (larazon.es)

WORLD SKIN CARE DAY: a tailor-made post-summer regimen

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World Skin Care Day is one of our favourite dates, since it gives us the chance to raise awareness about the importance of looking after the skin and keeping it healthy regardless of our age.

If you’re wondering how to look after your skin, the answer is easy: by listening to it, watching it and fulfilling its needs at any given time. For instance, your skin care is different in summer and autumn. The skin is the body’s main protective barrier against external aggressions and, when September comes, it’s essential to have a facial skincare regimen that allows to repair the possible alterations caused by the sun’s rays, chlorine, salt, or air conditioning.

The keys to your September regimen

Why is a tailor-made regimen essential after the summer? From the age of 30, the skin starts to develop certain pigment irregularities. Most of these types of hyperpigmentation are completely harmless, but they can be unsightly, since they happen mostly on the face. After the summer, sun-induced spots are more frequent. This concern increases with age, since they are usually found on areas such as the forehead, upper lip, chin, neck, and décolleté. These blemishes make the skin look aged and dull.

Moreover, in September, the stress of the reentré may cause facial skin to look lacklustre and tired. Therefore, the aim is to recover skin glow and even out the skin tone after the summer with a tailor-made beauty regimen.

Are you ready to reset? Read on to discover the fundamental steps your skin needs after the summer: 

STEP 1: Cleanse your face with SENSYSES Lightening

As we know from other blog entries, cleansing is a fundamental step in any facial regimen. Besides cleansing the skin in depth and respecting the skin’s lipid layer, SENSYSES Lightening restores skin glow to dull or lacklustre skin thanks to its liposomal vitamin C content. In addition to vitamin C, this formula includes other depigmenting active ingredients which help fight blemishes. Its liposomes capture impurities and make-up traces. It also soothes the skin while respecting its pH, providing essential fatty acids which help restore the skin’s barrier function.

STEP 2: Prepare your skin with HIDRADERM TRX Mist

HIDRADERM TRX Mist is indicated for all skin types and helps treat hyperpigmentation thanks to its formula with tranexamic acid, which acts in inflammatory processes in which the production of melanin (skin pigment) is also involved.

Bonus tip: You can use HIDRADERM TRX MIST every morning on clean skin, or take it with you to apply any time of day. Your skin will thank the feeling of freshness and hydration in a single step. It also helps fix make-up and gives your skin a glowing touch.

STEP 3: Apply AZELAC RU Serum

To fight any type of blemish, Sesderma has developed AZELAC RU, the first liposomal depigmenting line that can be used year-round. “In the first place, it brightens the skin because it inhibits tyrosinase and reduces the production of melanin effectively. In the second place, it reduces blemishes by avoiding the dispersion of melanin and getting rid of the excess. Finally, it prevents the appearance of new blemishes. The result is blemish-free, more luminous and more even skin”, states the founder of Sesderma, Dr Gabriel Serrano.

Therefore, after cleansing, apply AZELAC RU intensive serum, formulated with a high concentration of depigmenting and antioxidant active ingredients that improve the appearance of blemishes and even out the skin tone. Its use is recommended as a base treatment, day and night, and is suitable for all skin types, year-round.

STEP 4: Protect your skin with Sesderma AZELAC RU Glowing Fluid SPF50

AZELAC RU Glowing Fluid is one of our favourites, because it treats and protects simultaneously. How’s this possible? It’s formulated with liposomal active ingredients that improve the appearance of blemishes, and it contains physical and chemical filters that protect against the sun’s UV rays.

Sunscreen is a must year-round to delay skin ageing, prevent sun spots, and also skin conditions. AZELAC RU Glowing Fluid not only is essential due to its triple depigmenting action which brightens, reduces, and prevents the appearance of new spots. Thanks to its SPF50, the result is glowing and blemish-free skin, with an even tone, thanks to its glowing pigments.

Cleansing & moisturising: the perfect summer regimen

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The essential summer regimen consists in cleansing and moisturising the skin to counteract dryness and tightness, the appearance of wrinkles and premature expression lines, redness, and dullness.

During the summer, different factors can damage the skin’s health: higher temperatures, greater sun exposure, and dips in the pool all alter and dehydrate the skin.

Why does my skin need special care during the summer?

“In summer, the sebaceous glands increase sebum production. Together with environmental humidity, this leads to greater dehydration. As a result, in the summer, the skin needs greater hydration to ensure optimal barrier and protection functions. Skin cleansing is also fundamental, since it boosts penetration and effectiveness of the moisturising products. This way, the skin is kept in perfect condition”, states Dr Gabriel Serrano, dermatologist and founder of the Sesderma Laboratories.


Therefore, the essential summer regimen includes proper cleansing and hydration to avoid skin issues: “There are different skin signs that are accentuated in the summer and indicate that there is an important lack of hydration. Signs of alert are skin dryness and tightness, the appearance of premature wrinkles and expression lines, and irritation”, explains Dr Serrano.

The perfect regimen

To fight dryness, we recommend using moisturisers and follow a nourishing regimen with textures that adapt to every skin type. According to dermatologist and president of Sesderma: “This skincare regimen must be performed twice a day: in the morning and at night, before going to sleep. The first step is to cleanse the skin in depth, then apply serum, facial cream, and eye contour cream. Try to use moisturising formulas. In addition, to manage to keep the skin renewed in the summer, we recommend exfoliating the skin once a week. This accelerates natural skin turnover, thus reducing imperfections and signs of ageing, and regulating sebum production”.

This moisturising skincare regimen is essential for all skin types. “Hydration is fundamental for any skin type, at any age. Many people with oily skin avoid using moisturisers because they believe this leads to increased sebum production. This is a big mistake: optimal skin hydration helps control sebum production. Therefore, even oily skin needs daily hydration”, explains Dr Gabriel Serrano.

The power of the ocean in your skin

In order to boost and maintain natural skin hydration, Sesderma has developed the OCEANSKIN line, formulated with marine-origin active ingredients. As Dr Serrano states: “Its active ingredients, such as SES HYDRA COMPLEX, based on natural oils such as argan and avocado oil, shea butter, or kokum butter, as well as other marine-origin active ingredients such as spirulina, collagen and marine elastin, seaweed and caviar extract, restore natural skin hydration. In addition, these prevent the appearance of the signs of ageing, delivering luminosity and an instant fresh-face effect”.

To obtain the perfect skincare regimen, try OCEANSKIN Cleansing Gel, one of the most-awarded products in the company. This product cleanses, comforts, and relieves the skin thanks to its three transformation phases and its moisturising gel texture, which does not dry out the skin. Together with the Moisturising Serum and Cream, it helps regenerate the skin and restore elasticity, and it’s the perfect combination to keep the skin hydrated during the summer.

Happy Birthday Dr. Serrano

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If there is a special day that we always celebrate at Sesderma, it’s the birthday of founder and president Dr Gabriel Serrano.

The birthday greetings have come not only from the workers of the headquarters in Valencia, but also from the rest of Sesderma employees around the world.

An emotional birthday that ended with a great celebration with his family and friends on his favourite island, Ibiza.