Sesderma, the new Premium Skincare Partner of Valencia CF

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Starting from Sunday 26 November, the Sesderma brand will feature on the sleeve of the equipment of Valencia Football Club team. We have been signed up for 2 seasons!

Our lab has reached a deal with Valencia CF, whereby we are associating ourselves with the Club for the next 2 years as Premium Plus sponsor. With this strategic partnership, the two companies intend to build up on their internationalization programme. On the upcoming Sunday’s match vs FC Barcelona, Valencia CF will show off our brand’s logo on their shirt, displayed on the upper sleeve.

Valencia CF and our company have shared values such as internationalization, a growth spirit, constant innovation and their deep Valencian roots. This partnership is an important step forward for Sesderma in our growth and worldwide expansion.

Jorge García, VCF Head of Marketing: “VCF proudly welcomes this partnership with the Club’s sponsorship programme of one of the Valencian companies with such great financial growth, specialisation and innovative spirit.”

Diomedes Rosas, Sesderma Director of Marketing: “Our partnership with VCF represents a dream come true, the Club is aligned with the values of success and growth spirit we work towards in our company, every day.”

The formal presentation with Doctor Gabriel Serrano and Juan Manuel Serrano will take place shortly, where the media will be invited and in the presence of several players of Valencia CF, as well as the entire Club management team.

Keep an eye out for more information!

Azelac RU from Sesderma is the magazine Fuera de Serie’s choice as best Beauty product

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The Expansión supplement presented the 2017 Design and Innovation Awards in Barcelona

Azelac RU liposomal serum has been awarded best Beauty product by the Fuera de Serie 2017 Design and Innovation Awards. The award was collected by María Zaragosí, Brand Manager of Sesderma, during the ceremony held in Barcelona on Tuesday 14 November.

These awards are organised by Fuera de Serie magazine, that specialises in lifestyle and is the weekly supplement to the financial daily newspaper Expansión.

The jury of the awards was made up by the designer Mario Ruiz, the architect Miguel de Oriol e Icaza, the furniture specialist Mónica Piera, the businessman Luis Sans, the expert in the luxury sector María Eugenia Girón, the journalist from Estilo de Vida Chema Ybarra and the Fuera de Serie Manager Iván Martínez.

AZELUC RU liposomal serum is a whitener that uses nanotechnology to transport active ingredients encapsulated in liposomes to the deepest layers of the skin. This has a direct impact upon the melanocytes (target cells) and a selective action on the stains of melanic origin. The combination of AZELAC RU’s active ingredients inhibits the synthesis of melanine, whitens, reduces and prevents the appearance of stains. Plus, it has antioxidant properties.

The serum can be used all year long, even in the summer, as a single treatment or in combination with other depigmenting treatments (chemical peels, laser and IPL).

FACTOR G RENEW Chin & neck winner of “most innovative antiage product”

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The prize was awarded by the weekly publication Correo Farmacéutico

FACTOR G RENEW Chin & neck by Sesderma won “Most innovative antiage product” at the XII edition of the Cosmetics Pharmacy Awards 2017. The award was collected by Sesderma Brand Manager, Alejandra López, during the award ceremony celebrated in Tuss Madrid on Monday 23 October.

Correo Farmacéutico organises these awards since 2005 and Sesderma has received many rewards in former editions.

FACTOR G RENEW is a new line of rejuvenating products which targets the cell core, stimulating its proliferation and activity. It is the first and only line in Spain containing 7 growth factors obtained from 100% plant Nicotiana benthamiana (more than 95% pure) and encapsulated in liposomes.

FACTOR G RENEW Chin & neck is a potent cocktail of growth factors that multiplies by three the synthesis of collagen and elastin. As a result, the chin is redefined, the wrinkles are smoothed and the neck and cleavage are firmer.

As stated by Carolina Murcia, manager of the range: “FACTOR G RENEW’s combination of growth factors together with specific firming agents (DMAE, retinol, oranic silicon, hyaluronic acid …) provides firmness in the face contour of up to 12%, in only 28 days.”

About Sesderma

Sesderma is a Spanish lab with more than 27 years experience, founded by Dr Gabriel Serrano and a group of dermatologists, committed to the development and manufacture of dermocosmetics products. Sesderma is currently present in over 50 countries and specialises in R&D and nanotechnology. Sesderma products are distributed by pharmacies and parapharmacies, Dermatologists and Gynaecologists.


El premio lo ha otorgado el semanario Correo Farmacéutico

FACTOR G RENEW Óvalo facial & cuello de Sesderma ha conseguido el premio al Producto más innovador en antienvejecimiento en la XII edición de los Premios Cosmética y Farmacia 2017. El premio lo ha recogido Alejandra López, Brand Manager de Sesderma, en la gala celebrada en Tuss Madrid el lunes 23 de octubre.

Correo Farmacéutico organiza estos premios desde el año 2005 y Sesderma ya ha obtenido numerosos reconocimientos en anteriores ediciones.

FACTOR G RENEW es una nueva línea de productos rejuvenecedores que actúa en el núcleo celular, estimulando su proliferación y actividad. Es la primera y única línea en España con 7 factores de crecimiento de origen 100% vegetal obtenidos de la planta Nicotiana benthamiana (con una pureza superior al 95%) y encapsulados en liposomas.

FACTOR G RENEW Óvalo facial & cuello es un potente cóctel de factores de crecimiento que incrementa por tres la síntesis de colágeno y elastina. Como resultado, el óvalo facial se perfila, las arrugas se alisan y la piel del cuello y del escote se reafirma.

Tal y como asegura Carolina Murcia, responsable de la línea: “La combinación de los factores de crecimiento de FACTOR G RENEW junto a activos reafirmantes específicos (DMAE, retinol, silicio orgánico, ácido hialurónico…) incrementa hasta un 12% la firmeza del óvalo facial en solo 28 días.”

Sobre Sesderma

Sesderma es un laboratorio español con más de 27 años de experiencia fundado por el doctor Gabriel Serrano y un grupo de dermatólogos, dedicado al desarrollo y fabricación de productos dermocosméticos. Actualmente, tiene presencia en cerca de 50 países y está especializado en I + D y nanotecnología. Los productos de Sesderma se distribuyen a través de farmacias y parafarmacias, médicos dermatólogos y estéticos.


EADV 2017 Congress

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Sesderma took part at the 26TH EADV CONGRESS from 13TH to 17TH SEPTEMBER 2017 at PALEXPO in Geneva, Switzerland.

Sesderma showed the best products from Mediderma as Nanopore Stylus 02, peels and melasma treatment with tranexamic acid. From Sesderma brand we could find specific solutions adapted to every pathology as Salises, Azelac and Sebovalis. Furthermore, skin tone treatments as CVIT and Azelac RU and other Sesderma products.

Sesderma participó por primera vez en el importante congreso 26TH EADV CONGRESS celebrado del 13 al 17de septiembre 2017 en Ginebra, Suiza.

Nuestra presencia se centró en explicar los beneficios de productos de Mediderma como Nanopore Stylus 02, peelings y tratamientos del melasma con ácido tranexámico. Sesderma, por su parte, exhibió soluciones para la piel como Salises, Azelac y Sebovalis, así como líneas de producto reconocidas como C-VIT y Azelac RU para luminosidad y pigmentaciones, entre otras.