A week full of events and achievements at Sesderma Romania with Dr. Gabriel Serrano as special host

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Last week Sesderma Romanian team organised several amazing events in Bucharest with Dr. Serrano as special host. It was a huge success, more than 20 well-known dermatologists, pharmacists, press and beauty influencers attended the events.

The launch of Dr. Serrano line, the ultimate revolutionary innovation in luxury cosmetics. Exclusively available in Cronos Med clinics.

The launch event at Dr. Max Romania pharmacies with Dr. Serrano, who talked with beauty influencers, pharmacists and clients about the history of more than 30 years of the brand and the uniqueness of Sesderma dermocosmetics.

The launch of skin diagnose campaign, under the concept of ” Listening to your skin” at the pharmacies. This campaign aims to educate and inform about the importance of a personalized skin analysis.

The workshop “A different perspective about the peelings” dedicated to 20 well-known dermatologists in partnership with Cronos Med clinics, supported by Dr. Serrano and Dra. Eva lvarez, Corporate Medical Advisor Sesderma & Mediderma.

TV product placement in “Pastila de Sanatate” broadcasted on Antena 3 CNN, where Dr. Serrano discussed how to say goodbye to hiperpigmentation, beauty reverse concept and nanotechnology.

UCV and Sesderma create a chair to research skin diseases and pathologies such as Alzheimers or ALS

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   The rector of the UCV, Jos矇 Manuel Pag獺n, and the founder and president of the Valencian company, Dr Gabriel Serrano, sign the agreement for the creation of the Sesderma Chair of Cellular Regeneration and Degeneration

   The director of the Chair, Jos矇 Enrique de la Rubia, assures that it is “a very ambitious project based on humanistic principles to help those who suffer from these diseases”

Valencia, 12 September – The Catholic University of Valencia (UCV) and the Valencian company SESDERMA Laboratories have signed a collaboration agreement for the creation of the Sesderma Chair of Regeneration and Cellular Degeneration.  The agreement was sealed by the rector of the UCV, Jos矇 Manuel Pag獺n, and the founder and President of Sesderma, Dr Gabriel Serrano, in a ceremony that was also attended by the vice-rector for Research, Francisco Arteaga; the dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Carlos Barrios; and the director of the new chair, Professor Jos矇 Enrique de la Rubia.

In the words of De la Rubia himself, the UCV and Sesderma’s commitment is a “very ambitious project based on humanistic principles” that will develop scientific research within the framework of cellular regeneration and neuroprotection “with the aim of helping people who suffer from related pathologies. In this sense, the research work of the chair will cover a wide range of diseases, from those with neurodegenerative origin such as Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis or ALS to skin pathologies in which Sesderma, over the last decades, has stood out as a leader in their treatment”.

For all these projects, which are already underway, “one of the most interesting aspects has to be precisely the use of one of Sesderma’s most outstanding technologies: the administration of the different active ingredients in liposomes, which extraordinarily improve the bioavailability and efficacy of the treatments”.

“As a chair, we not only want to carry out research, but we are also clearly aware of the importance of disseminating the new scientific advances we achieve, and of training healthcare professionals through seminars, courses, conferences and congresses. In this sense, another major objective is to develop a master’s degree in neurodegeneration, which would be at the forefront in Spain,” said De la Rubia. 

Dr Gabriel Serrano: “Research and innovation are two fundamental pillars of our success”

For his part, Dr Serrano said that the signing of this agreement is “a demonstration of SESDERMA Laboratories commitment to the transmission of knowledge” and the “pursuit of excellence” in everything this Valencian company does: “Innovation and scientific research are two fundamental pillars of our company’s success. Together with the experience accumulated over more than thirty years of developing exceptional skincare products, these pillars have enabled us to generate a great deal of knowledge in this field. We also believe that it is important that all this knowledge is passed on to young medical students to help them in their training.

“The agreement with the UCV is the first of others that we are closing with two Colombian universities, international benchmarks in their respective areas: the University of Antioquia and the University Foundation of Health Sciences (FUCS) in Bogota. For us, training the best dermatologists is a priority and a way of contributing to society,” said Dr Serrano.

The founder of Sesderma thanked the UCV, “a university with recognised prestige, both inside and outside the Valencian Community”, for wanting to be his “travelling companion” in this project: “Although I am here as president of SESDERMA Laboratories, before a businessman I am a dermatologist, researcher and university professor. That is why I am firmly committed to passing on all the knowledge I have accumulated over my over 45 years of practice to new generations of doctors, especially future dermatologists. And I can think of no better place to do this than this university and its Faculty of Medicine.

SESDERMA chose Ibiza to celebrate their National Sales Meeting and present their new global expansion plan

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  • The Spanish dermatological laboratory presented their expansion plans in Ibiza on the occasion of their national sales meeting, which gathered over 300 professionals from their subsidiaries in Romania, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Dubai, Poland, Portugal, India, UK, and USA.
  • According to Dr Gabriel Serrano: Ibiza was a conscious choice to present the next international milestones of SESDERMA, since the island has been an inspiration for the development of certain products, and, personally, it is a habitual residence where I have found peace and quiet for decades.

In their annual sales meeting, held this year in Ibiza, SESDERMA Laboratories revealed their immediate plans for international expansion, which include the opening of an operations centre in Panama to boost the presence of the company in Latin America, North America, and the Caribbean. This way, the firm plans to adopt a new strategic approach to boost the sales of their dermatology and dermo-aesthetics in these countries.

The installation of this hub, the company’s largest on the American continent, is in its final phase, and is directly supervised by a team of ten people from the company, made up of professionals from the medical, logistics, sales and business development departments. In recent weeks, this team has held meetings with different economic actors in the country to seek synergies and open new avenues for the distribution of SESDERMA products in the countries of the region.

The announcement of this international advance took place during the brands annual sales meeting in Ibiza, which gathered over 300 professionals from their subsidiaries in Romania, Colombia, Dominican Rep., Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Dubai, Poland, Portugal, India, UK and USA.

Regarding the election of the Mediterranean island as the place to present the companys international strategy, Dr Serrano said: Ibiza was a conscious choice to present the next international milestones of SESDERMA, since the island has been an inspiration for the development of certain products, and, personally, it is a habitual residence where I have found peace and quiet for decades. The founder of SESDERMA highlighted the warm welcome for all professionals who flew in from different parts of the world. In addition, during the three intense days of the sales meeting, there was also time for a press event with the football players Alejandro G獺lvez and Mart穩n Pascual, pillars of the UD Ibiza defence. The event was held on a boat that sailed all day and was enlivened by the live music of the well-known DJ Nadia Boulif. Among the attendants were local and national journalists, the Country Managers of the different subsidiaries of SESDERMA, and relatives of Dr Serrano.

Sesderma celebrated the opening of their first store in Madrid and the international launch of their line Dr Serrano

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Laboratories SESDERMA organised El Vuelo de la Mariposa (The Flight of the Butterfly) in Madrid, an event in style to celebrate the beginning of summer.

The Flight of the Butterfly, the essence of the Sesderma brand, inspired the event organised by SESDERMA Laboratories to welcome summer and to celebrate two major milestones in their long career. The first is the international launch of their innovative high-end cosmetic line Dr Serrano, now also available outside the Spanish borders. The second is the recent opening of the first Sesderma store in the quarter of Salamanca, in Madrid, a luxury showcase for their wide range of skincare products.

This summer celebration was attended by famous artists and celebrities, such as Gloria Camila, Roc穩o Flores, Rosa Benito, Sonsoles nega, Jaydy Michel, Marta Robles con su marido, Luis Mart穩n de Bustamante, Cari Lapique, Beatriz de Orleans, Isabel R獺bago, Mar Torres, Margarita de Guzm獺n, Cristina Cifuentes, Bernd Schuster y Liz Emiliano, Cristina T獺rrega y su esposo, Mami Toledo, Patricia Cerezo, Kiko G獺mez, Carolina Alc獺zar, ngel Mart穩n, Alex Teixido and Bruna Manzoni, among many others.

This event, where glamour and art shone in their own light, also featured performances by acclaimed international artists, who entertained the over 200 guests who gathered at Ginkgo Sky Bar, located in the central Plaza de Espa簽a of the Spanish capital. These artists included the singer Marta S獺nchez, the internationally acclaimed Argentinian soprano Virginia Tola, the unmistakable DJ Nadia Buolif and the multidisciplinary artist ngel Haro. The ONGD Kassumay, whose aim is to promote and develop the economic, social, and employment training and inclusion of people in Senegal, also collaborated with this event, which celebrated that the universe of SESDERMA Laboratories and their brands Sesderma and Mediderma continue to grow and innovate in order to offer the best solutions for every skin type.

In words of Dr Serrano, founder and president of SESDERMA: butterflies have a special meaning for SESDERMA, this is why this event was inspired by them. Throughout their life, they travel long distances, just like our products, which are present in over 80 countries worldwide. In addition, butterflies symbolise change, beauty, sensitivity, and transformation, intrinsic qualities in our company.

The chosen location for this sophisticated event was Ginkgo Sky Bar, one of the best rooftop terraces in Madrid, which offers a breathtaking view of the city. This choice symbolises the relentless aspirations of the brand, already trusted by millions of people around the world. Its idyllic atmosphere invited all the attendees to share a fantastic evening with the team of SESDERMA Laboratories.