Revealing the dangers of the sun

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While vital to life, solar radiation can be a double-edged sword for your health. From burns to skin cancer, its harmful effects are well known. Below we explore the dangers of the sun and how to protect your skin with REPASKIN.

Sunlight is essential for biological processes such as the synthesis of vitamin D, but excessive exposure can lead to serious health issues. In particular, prolonged unprotected sun exposure can lead to burns, inflammation, and skin cancer.

Given this scenario, it is vital to take measures to protect yourself from the sun at all times. That is why the use of adequate sunscreens becomes a fundamental habit to preserve the health of your skin and prevent future problems.

The Sesderma REPASKIN line offers a complete range of sunscreens designed with the exclusive Shield System technology, a protective shield made up of physical and chemical filters, antioxidants, and repairing enzymes. This innovative formula not only protects against damage caused by ultraviolet (UV) radiation, but also actively works to repair existing skin damage.

The REPASKIN line includes different textures and finishes that adapt to all skin types and specific formulas such as REPASKIN URBAN 365, which contains additional active ingredients to meet the challenges of urban life such as blue light from screens or city pollution, as well as the convenient REPASKIN COMFORT facial sun mists, which allow easy reapplication, even on make-up.

In short, with the right protection and care of your skin you can enjoy the benefits of sunlight without compromising your health in the long term. Discover the complete collection of REPASKIN sunscreens and choose the product that best suits your needs.

With different textures and finishes for your skin: Silk touch, Silk touch color, Invisible fluid, or Dry touch.

It also contains specific active ingredients for different skin concerns: niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, Centella asiatica, or azelaic acid, among others.

Facial sun mists with different fragrances: geranium, lavender, and rosemary.

RETISIL Best Facial Skincare Product 2024

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RETISIL Intensive Pro-aging Cream has been awarded Best Facial Product at the TELVA Beauty Awards. The ceremony took place on Thursday at the Four Seasons Hotel in Madrid and Pilar Serrano collected the award.

The new RETISIL line was launched last October and since then has already become a sales success. Its formula includes HP Retinoate and organic silicon, the most innovative combination to treat all signs of ageing. In addition, it t is further complemented with hyaluronic acid of two molecular weights, peptides, vitamin E and centella asiatica, among other active ingredients.

RETISIL Intensive Pro-aging Cream firms the skin on the face, neck and décolleté and reduces wrinkles, even the deepest ones. It also improves hydration, evens skin tone and provides radiance, providing beautiful, radiant and natural-looking skin. The line is completed with RETISIL Intensive Pro-aging Serum, RETISIL Intensive Pro-aging Eye and Lip Cream and RETISIL Intensive Pro-aging Oil.

Daily care is key to maintaining healthy skin. Over the years, skin starts to show signs of loss of firmness, wrinkles, spots, uneven texture, dehydration, and lack of elasticity. Thanks to NANOTECH technology, which SESDERMA incorporates in the development of its products, greater penetration into the dermis is achieved and, therefore, greater efficacy.

Dr. Serrano in L’Officiel Arabia

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In this interview with fashion and luxury magazine L’Officiel Arabia, Dr Serrano reveals a delightful conversation about his journey, from the origins of his passion to his first steps as a medical professional, the opening of Sesderma, his philanthropic work and the ethics of his brand.

El Dr. Serrano en L’Officiel Arabia

“For me, as for my ancestors and descendants, medicine is the most noble and beautiful profession in the world, not only because it allows us to cure, but also because it consists of serving and helping other people”. Dr Serrano

You can read the full interview by clicking here.