Commitment to sustainability, a part of SESDERMA’S DNA

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The commitment of Laboratorios SESDERMA to sustainability and environmental protection advances with one of its most challenging projects. The photovoltaic plant of 4,000 m2 and 400 kWh comes into operation.

The first phase has just come into operation with 400kWp photovoltaic plant and around 1,000 solar panels in an area of more than 4,000 square meters, located on the rooftop of the main factory building. The initial investment exceeds 315.00 euros and it is expected that the works will be completed before the month of June. According to Vicent Sisternes, SESDERMA‘s Director of Operations, “the installation of this new state-of-the-art photovoltaic system will allow us to produce about 600,000 kWh per year for self-consumption, which will also result in significant savings on our energy bill…”.

For years, the Valencian company has been carrying out a series of specific actions directed at improving its energy efficiency and reducing the environmental impact of its industrial activity. Examples include the use of hybrid technology vehicles and the reduction of the fleet volume, the installation of intelligent lighting systems and the use of biodegradable packaging for their products. Working groups have also been set up between different departments to implement measures that help meet the sustainable development goals set by Dr. Gabriel Serrano, president and founder of the SESDERMA group, who assures that “it’s not just about manufacturing the best dermo-cosmetic products and expanding markets or launching the new logistics centers in Panama and Dubai. It is especially important for us to ensure that our production processes are sustainable and environmentally friendly because we have to leave a better world for future generations…”.

Green Energy

In this same line, with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of the supply chain, is the construction of a new 6,500 m2 warehouse next to the main one. In this new logistics space, which will eventually have 10,000 productive m2, will centralize the reception of raw materials and materials, as well as the dispatch repository. This will achieve a huge reduction in truck traffic between the factory itself and warehouses where both raw materials, materials and the dispatch center are currently housed.

On the other hand, works are already underway for the expansion and redistribution of the manufacturing and packaging clean rooms of the plant. The aim is to further improve the flow of people/materials/waste and increase the quality standards of production processes. It is worth recalling that it is in this factory in Puçol, Valencia, where the products that SESDERMA distributes in more than 80 countries on four continents are manufactured.

SESMAHAL wins the Prix d’Excellence de la Beauté Marie Claire Russia

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The SESMAHAL line by SESDERMA has been selected as best cosmetic product of the year at the Prix d’Excellence de la Beauté 2023 by MARIE CLAIRE Russia. 

These awards have been recognizing the most outstanding achievements in innovation in the field of beauty for 37 years. The ceremony was held in Moscow last week and was attended by representatives of the most influential companies in the sector, beauty experts and celebrities.

SESMAHAL beauty feels like traveling to exotic Hawaii. It combines technology, the power of the most innovative active ingredients and some of the greatest secrets of its natural and timeless beauty.

The combination of active ingredients of SESMAHAL is a veritable sensory therapy that transports you in every facial care ritual. Its basic formulation includes hyaluronic acid of various molecular weights, which is combined with other active ingredients such as niacinamide, panthenol, vitamin C and French maritime pine bark, to adapt to different skin types. In addition, the combination of liposomal formulas of the mist, with an in-depth action, and the action of serums, with instant effects, helps to achieve optimal results.

At SESDERMA, we are very pleased with the news, which come as a recognition of our constant effort and dedication to the research, development and manufacturing of dermocosmetic products of maximum effectiveness, to meet the most complex and specific needs of every skin and enhance its beauty.

From the port of Valencia to the whole world, in less time

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Laboratorios SESDERMA launches its new hub in Panama and will open another hub in Dubai in May to improve the distribution of its products throughout the Americas, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

The Spanish company Laboratorios SESDERMA has just officially launched its new Panama Hub. This strategic logistics center will improve the distribution of products that the company manufactures at its headquarters in Puçol (Valencia) in all markets where it is present, at the other side of the Atlantic, between Canada and Argentina.

The Hub’s warehouse has on hold approximately 300 pallet locations. All picking and packing operations, as well as cross docking operations for the 12 operational destinations in the Americas, will be carried out from these locations. The aim is to cut procurement times for subsidiaries and distributors. Until now, pallets shipped from the port of Valencia took 60 days to reach the furthest point of the distribution network in the Americas, located in La Paz, Bolivia. With the start-up of the Panama hub, shipping time will be reduced by two thirds and take only 20 days to reach their destination in the Andean highlands.

The first re-export operation began this week. Guatemala was the first country to receive products from the Panama Hub, which were needed by the country’s distributors. Peru, the USA and the Dominican Republic will benefit immediately from this new logistics infrastructure which, employing multimodal transport for re-export, will significantly reduce logistics costs.

And in May, a new hub in Dubai

Almost 14,000 km away from Panama, Dubai is a strategic location chosen by high-growth, value-added companies for their regional operations. This is also the case of SESDERMA, for whom the United Arab Emirates has become one of the fundamental cornerstones for its growth and positioning plan in strategically significant areas like the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

SESDERMA has been working on the implementation of supply chain strategies with the creation of distribution centers around the world. The objective is to optimize efforts and reduce delivery times and logistics costs. The capital of the United Arab Emirates is, in Sesderma’s strategic map, a key point in the distribution process of its products to the markets where it is present.  At the moment, the opening project of the Dubai Hub is at 85% completion, so the official launch will probably come in May. This logistics center will have at least 300 locations available in Jebel Ali Free Zone with which SESDERMA intends to optimize shipment times to the Arab Emirates, India, Kuwait and Qatar, among others.

Javier Jiménez Marco, New Corporate General Director of Sesderma

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Laboratorios SESDERMA has just incorporated Javier Jiménez Marco as the company’s new Corporate General Director. Dr. Gabriel Serrano places his trust in the director who has led Lanzadera for the last few years to accompany him in the ambitious process of international expansion of the company, which has just opened a new SESDERMA SKIN CENTER in Dubai Mall.

A proof of this international commitment is that just a few days after his arrival he has already crossed the Atlantic to visit one of the company’s subsidiaries, the Dominican Republic, to survey on the spot future business projects throughout Latin America. In this sense, the project announced by Dr. Gabriel Serrano a few months ago during a visit to Central America, the Panama hub, is now a reality. This logistics center—strategic for the Spanish company—is already operational, as the first containers with products manufactured at the Puçol plant, in Valencia, have already left for its logistics center located next to the Panama Canal.  From this storage space they will be distributed to the different American countries in which the company is present, either through its own subsidiaries or distributors, in the USA. Colombia, Peru, Brazil, etc.

Coinciding with the opening of the new SESDERMA SKIN CENTER in the Dubai Mall, another company hub has been launched in Dubai. This is another logistics center from which the products of the laboratory will be distributed both in the Middle East and in Africa.  

 “I am facing this new professional challenge with all my enthusiasm. I am grateful for the trust that Dr. Gabriel Serrano places in me to work with him on this wonderful project of growth and international expansion of this great company and I am sure that with the help of the whole SESDERMA family at large we will achieve the ambitious goals that we have set ourselves,” said the new top manager of the Valencian laboratories.

Javier Jiménez was until just a few days ago General Director of Lanzadera, the business accelerator promoted by the owner of Mercadona, Juan Roig, where he was responsible for the coordination of project managers/teams, which have resulted in more than 1,100 startups. He also took care of investment management, business strategy and management, business model, financial control, development of open innovation programs, etc. of this successful entrepreneurship center with international visibility. He has a long and solid professional career full of business successes linked for almost twenty years to Mercadona, undisputed leader in the distribution sector in Spain. Javier worked for more than 15 years in the Perfumery Purchasing Department of the company chaired by Juan Roig, so for him this new role at Sesderma is a return to his origins where he will be able to contribute all his experience in the cosmetics market. During his last stage at Mercadona, he held the management of the Financial Division and the Accounting Division.

Javier Jiménez has participated as a speaker at international events such as 4YFN, South Summit or Salon MiEmpresa. This background has also allowed him to develop his facet as a columnist and blogger, advising startups and future entrepreneurs on the in and outs of the entrepreneurial adventure, creating sustainable companies based on productive work, effort and leadership. The central axis of his philosophy and his way of facing challenges is the idea that “what really matters is people”.