Beauty Awards Rusia

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With a big pleasure and great honor we inform you that in the annual independent ranking of the best beauty products according to the editors of (аn independent Russian online-project about beauty, which was founded in 2010) Sesderma products have been recognized as the best in several categories at once.

The best cleansers OCEANSKIN Cleansing gel, SALISES Facial/body foamy soap-free cream

The best eye productsHIDRADERM HYAL Eye contour cream

The best serums SERENITY Night serum

The best nourishing and anti-age face products HIDRADERM HYAL Nourishing facial cream

The best ampoules FACTOR G RENEW Biostimulating ampoules

The best body moisturizers HIDRADERM HYAL Body milk

The best night cream SERENITY Night Cream